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MGL Avionics aviation headset

Based on an improvement of a popular, high end brand, this headset is manufactured to MGL's specifications by one of the World's largest headset manufacturers.

High class anthracite look, metal frame - hand adjustable, no tools required. Very comfortable headband resulting in no pressure points due to light overall weight. Operates as mono or stereo headset with volume and balance controls with very good audio quality. Super soft gel ear seals with soft covering allows a good accustic seal even if you are wearing glasses. Very high passive noise suppression figures over the full audio band. Filtered, noise canceling microphone. Gold plated connectors and high quality, long life cable. Reversible microphone boom.

Perfectly matched to MGL's aviation band transceiver.

 Download the manual for this headset

VHF Airband transceivers

Dear MGL Customer

Please note that the VHF transceivers known as MGL V10, V6 and V6R have been discontinued as MGL products.

These devices, while based on an original MGL design where manufactured by South West Electronics in Cape Town and passed on by MGL Avionics.

This has now changed in order to allow MGL Avionics to design and produce RF devices in house and significantly lower the prices. At this stage we have a new VHF transceiver, a mode a/c/s transponder and a navigation receiver in advanced stage of development so watch this space.

The V10 has unfortunately been discontinued by South West Electronics.

The V6 and V6R transceivers may now be ordered from Comet Aviation for Southern Africa or from MGL Avionics USA for all other areas under a new brand name.